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Fire Prevention

Paul J. Jenkins
Fire Chief

Each year the National Fire Protection Association joins with local fire departments to emphasize the importance of fire prevention.

Approximately 80% of all fires occur in the home, making a campaign that encourages the establishment and practice of a home escape plan crucial in our ongoing effort to save lives.   The Dumas Fire Department offers the following escape plan tips.


  • Draw a map of your home.  Show every room, door, and window.
  • Mark an easy way out of each room, then find a second way out.
  • Mark every way out of your home-so you know how to get out of the building no matter where you are.
  • Talk with your children and pick an outside place in front of your home where everyone will meet after they've escaped.

Getting out of your home sounds easy, but your home can look very different if it's full of smoke.  So practice your plan.  A home fire drill can be fun.  Pick a person to be in charge and start the drill by pushing the test button on a smoke alarm and yelling, "Fire drill!!" "Everyone out!!" Then follow your escape plan and go directly to your meeting place.  You can pretend that some ways out are blocked by flame or smoke.  That's when you might use your second way out of a room.

The Dumas Fire Department will also be working in conjunction with each of the elementary schools during this important week.  We will be handing out the coloring books that were purchased with the donations of citizens and businesses in our great community.

Our department will also be giving tours of the fire station during this week or anytime.  Just call and schedule your visit.